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The Technology of Car Spa Autowash

Car Spa Autowash
The Car Spa Autowash Cafe car wash uses state of the art, German technology to provide the best possible wash for your car.  Don’t be deceived by the efficient and water resourceful system; it in fact cleans better than a manual hand wash.  The car wash caters for all types of people, whether they are a family, car lovers or corporate with a variety of washes, some quick and others with a more detailed focus on all aspects of the car.

The car is first prepared and then put through an automated machine on an open conveyor belt system.  The prewash removes most of the dust and dirt and is followed through with the high pressure rinsing.  Here the car has a powerful but gentle clean, reaching places that would be difficult to reach.  The contour-tracking high pressure system acquires vehicle contours using light barriers adapting to the shape of any vehicle ensuring your car will always get the best clean.

After the high pressure clean, the car goes through a linear technology system where the brushes follow the car’s shape moving forward with the car.  The brushes used are a revolutionary material called SofTecs, made from PE foam, cleaning gently and thoroughly.  To get the right amount of pressure on the car, microprocessors are used to control the emersion depth and the pressure.

The drying process ensures that 90 per cent of the car is dry before leaving the machine which is followed by any final touches you may wish for in the detailing process.

The whole mechanical process has the best of both worlds being mechanically operated but overseen by professionals monitoring the process ensuring the car spa experience is to perfection.

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