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Why Car Spa Autowash is better for your vehicle?

Safer than hand wash
Scratch Free - Industrie's best cleaning products - Environmentally Free
Car Spa Autowash Cafe uses the most innovative technology from Germany, which can mould to any vehicle.  The machines are powerful, efficient and save water.  Car Spa Autowash Cafe has professionals monitoring the technology the whole time to ensure that your car gets the best possible wash.

Scratch Free
The mechanical system is able to wash places where a manual hand wash would be unable to reach.  As well as this, the advanced technology reduces scratches.  In a traditional, manual hand wash, it is actually damaging your car.  The dirt on the surface gets lodged in the sponge and you end up rubbing the dirt particles over the rest of the car.  This creates microscopic scratches, which make the appearance of the car dull with a reduced amount of shine.

The SofTecs, non-porous material used for the brushes in the machine lets go of the harmful dirt, providing a scratch free clean.  The soft fibre characteristics and the spinning-buffing movements made by the brushes, increases the gloss and shine of your car.

Cleaning Products
Car Spa Autowash Cafe only uses the best products on your car, choosing Meguiar’s to wash, polish and wax your car.  The world’s leading automotive paint manufacturers, car manufacturers, car dealers, body shops and detailers work with the technicians of Meguiar’s to ensure the products are of the best quality.  Known for their excellence in car care, most cars in the best car shows use Meguiar’s products to enhance their look, creating pristine refinement.  The biodegradable hyper-wash is biodegradable, safely removing dirt without negatively effecting the environment.

Environmentally Friendly
Car Spa Autowash Cafe is environmentally friendly, using only one tenth the amount of water of an average manual hand wash without compromising on your clean.  This with Meguiar’s biodegradable products means that Car Spa Autowash Cafe can operate to the best possible standards while still being environmentally friendly.

Whether you are a car enthusiast, need to wash the family car or are on your break for lunch, the Car Spa Autowash has something for you.

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